Optimizing Comfort,           Efficiency and Control

The Habitat thermostat’s HomeSphere geofencing technology feature provides you with a seamless, intuitive, and convenient way to control your home’s temperature.

Habitat’s HomeSphere geofencing allows you to be more efficient with your heating and cooling unit’s energy usage without needing to remember to adjust your thermostat. HomeSphere is a virtual sphere around your home, the diameter of which you can set.

With HomeSphere engaged, once you enter your home the thermostat automatically switches on and sets the temperature of your room according to the pre-programmed schedule. This means after a long tiring day you would enter a house that is already cozy and comfortable for you. Another great benefit is its power-saving nature. Once you leave your house, HomeSphere automatically moves the thermostat to Eco/away mode and lets the room’s temperature rise/fall. This means your home’s HVAC system will work only when it’s needed, thus delivering  optimum performance in terms of reduction in energy consumption.

                                                                                      * Requires HTZ-01 Module